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Kitchen Counter Tops

With over twenty years of Katy remodels, we have an extensive collection of past countertop installations. Take a look through this countertop photo gallery and imagine the transformation that your kitchen or bath will go through simply by installing new counters. Materials and design applications have changed dramatically in recent years with shaped concrete, environmentally friendly materials, decorative touches, and seamless counters being amongst the latest innovations. 

Kitchen Countertop Photos
Whether installed as a standalone project or as part of a larger remodel, adding new countertops to the kitchen makes a lasting impression! Kitchen counters, breakfast bars, island countertops, and nearby counters such as those in the butler’s hallway or wet bar can all be coordinated for a continuous – and functional – design element.

Bathroom Countertop Photos
No matter what size bathroom you have in your Katy home, a bathroom countertop adds beauty and functionality to the room. Whether you need a thin counter over a pedestal sink in the powder room or a double sink vanity countertop, the design options are limited only by your imagination. We can even coordinate tile bathroom countertops with tile work in the shower enclosure or on the floor.

Creative Countertop Photos
Who says countertops are just for kitchens and bathrooms? Not us! Since we’ve remodeled hundreds of homes in Katy, countertop ideas outside of the kitchen and bath come naturally to us. Imagine how much more functional your laundry room would be with a countertop where you can fold, or even iron, your clothes! How about a counter in your office for a smooth, expansive work area? We’ve even used countertop materials to integrate garden and service windows, thus extending the existing counter to other areas of the room.